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Tranquil Nursing Home is an Initiative Taken  with an aim of serving the masses in the city. With the Kind assistance of Dr. G. Chatterjee. the  mission was made possible. 

Tranquil Nursing Home specilizes in Providing Treatment and cure  at least possible cost. Most of our Treatment Plans are very affordable. This has been done to provide basic and advanced treatment to all section of society. In Order to cope up with Emergency Situations , the Nursing home has ventilation facility . Own Ambulance and fire safety across the hospital make it different from others

Safety is our Most Priority

Keeping Safety as it’s top Most priority, the nursing home is equipped with Fire safety. All Major steps has been taken to ensure fiery safety. To make the place more secure CCTV cameras have been installed all across the Premise.

As Safety is out topmost mission we have equipment sterilising Machine to keep equipments safe. The machines makes the equipment free from any infection and harmful effects.


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